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Getting Involved with e-fix


Learn How to Invest in Rebuilding Communities

e-fix Housing Solutions is looking for partners to assist in our revitalization efforts.

We allow our partners to invest in our community strategy, with low liability, while receiving steady returns.

Do you have community reinvest goals? We have the solutions! Provide your contact information and we will have a specialist contact you in regards how we can partner.

    What Our Investors Say...

    Working with e-fix Housing Solutions as a funding partner has been a wonderful experience. Seeing how easy it was to invest with them gave me a peace of mind. The company’s investment option has also provided me the opportunity to positively impact the affordable housing crisis in some very small way. I fully support the work e-fix Housing Solutions is doing in the community.

    -Michelle M., Investor since 2013

    I have been a client with e-fix Housing Solutions for over 5 years and am proud to say that I have received my interest payments every single month on time and without fail. I always wanted to invest in real estate but did not want to bare the risk of all that it entailed. As a client of e-fix, I feel I have had the opportunity to grow my retirement without the worry of tenants, toilets or termites. I recommend e-fix Housing Solutions as part of your wealth building strategy. 

    -David P., Investor since 2013

     As a client of e-fix Housing Solutions, I am excited every month I receive a deposit to my account but I’m even more excited that my dollars are making an impact. This makes me smile. I will continue to grow with e-fix Housing Solutions as they continue to make a difference in the community.

    -Gina K., Investor since 2016 NC

    Want more information on investments? Fill out the form above and we will contact with ways you can impact your community.